Socialization II

Setting: After a lovely dinner, Kiki, the boys, and I were walking downtown when we heard this awful noise. Baaaaad karaoke. One girl, singing completely alone, in a bar. All four of us were paralyzed, unable to move.

Singer: Blah blah blah (think ear piercing)
Kiki: [to me] Should we stop her, break the machine, or keep walking?
Stranger: [interjects] Isn't she just great!? I mean, the best ever. You girls should give it a try.
Me: [to Kiki] Keep walking? She does have a fan ...
Kiki: [to me] Yeah, that was most likely her mom.

I mean, karaoke can be fun, right!? Well, we sure had a great laugh. Xoxo-BLC


  1. I am sure that was her mom!!! :-)

  2. haha. I'm trying to think of who does karaoke on Tuesdays... was it TDs?


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