Playing Tag

Thank you K from Tripping Down the Aisle for tagging me. Funny story, I definitely opened K's blog during class and she has the cutest love songs playing. The professor might not have thought so, but I tickled myself. Anyhoo, let the games begin! THE RULES: Step 1: Respond and rework [answer, replace disliked, and add one more]. Step 2: Tag eight more peeps.

Favorite football team: Dukemson (Duke + Clemson)
Clothes of choice: Anything by Lilly Pulitzer.
Current book of choice: New Moon
Best bear hug: Ale, of course!
Obsession of choice: Perfume, buy it and don't wear it.
Favorite websites: Mary Phillips and the NY Social Diary
Must-show-kids movie: It's a Wonderful Life
My super power would be: Healing those in pain.
Favorite weather: Snow in the winter, showers in the spring, sun in the summer, and wind in the fall
Wake-up call: 6:00 AM
Most challenging goal: Keeping it together.
Person who tagged me ... a would be real life friend b/c K is a CU girl after all!! Goooo Tigers!
House {paid for and furnished} anywhere, where? Paris, France
Vaca spot: any Ritz Carlton, and I do mean any.
Favorite book: da Bible
Evil, irresistible temptation: wine or whine, or both
Famous fancy: Benazir Bhutto
Any job of the world: why not, President of the United States of America
Favorite quote: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" E. Roosevelt and "The will of God will not carry where the grace of God cannot protect you."


  1. I finally responded to one of the awards you passed my way! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  2. Surfing the interweb in class.... who would do something like that?? certainly not... me. HAHAHAHA


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