And this is my most favorite bedroom of all times: THE PINK ROOM!!!
 I couldn't talk our painters into doing stripes (???) so I did it myself. Don't look too closely because it's not perfect, but tape, a pencil, and a ruler sure did make me feel like a painting pro.
 I love this dreamy painting. It transports me to the Italian coast with no cares or concerns. And it's my favorite colors: pink, green, and a pop of blue. One pillow is Lilly and the other from my Greece trip.
 The bedding is what we used in our condo. I love love love an all-white bedspread.
And it's perfectly bleachable for those dirty paw marks ...
Every fussy room needs a chandy in it ... don't you agree!?!
This chandelier was too low in dining room so a switch-er-roo did the trick. I love it in here!
The furniture is my mother-in-law's from childhood. The details are even girly with little flowered edges. I'm always shocked when guests don't want to stay in this room. What, like it's bright!?! Tee hee ...
 I am still 100% completely thankful my husband didn't kill me (or worse make me change it) for painting these pink stripes. This room makes me completely happy and I love it more each day. If we have only boys, I'll consider repainting it, but until then, let the pinkness reign!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. OMG I L-o-v-e this. Stripes are my favorite and this room is amazing. The painting looks professional, great job!

    Love you blog!

  2. LOVE that room!!! Beautiful!

  3. I LOVE it! can't believe you did it yourself too, looks pretty perfect to me!

  4. I am just dying to paint something with stripes soon! Love this room. :)

  5. Oooh, what a fun room!!! I love, love, love stripes and pink just makes them even better!


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