Home Tour: Guest Bedroom

If you come to spend the night, this is more than likely where you will stay ... until August, then it's the baby's bedroom. Many thanks for ALL your kind words --- I was so touched. :)
 This is the one bed Stewart isn't allowed on ... because it's really nice bedding and it's for guests-only.
You can see my disciple skills are really strenuous ...
 My grandmother painted the above picture and I am so thrilled to have it in our home. Her children have most of her work and I am so thankful for this one (and one other one) lives with us. She sure had talent. The other one is in my office ... and it's PINK and GREEN.
 The wardrobe use to belong to my grandmother and it's such a treasure. That sucker is so heavy it was moved in that position and shall never more. The chair is Ale's grandmother's and oh sooo comfy.
The rug also came from my grandmother's house and it is the perfect blend of pink and blue. Since we aren't finding out if our baby is a girl or boy ... I think its the perrrrfect carpet either way if it is a he or she!!! We need to get started on the nursery soon ... and I'll be sure to share it before the big day. Xoxo-BLC


  1. I love the bedding! So pretty!


  2. Love your grandmother's painting! What talent!


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