Home Tour: Dining Room

You peeked a glimpse of this room before in THIS POST! This turns out to be the room when we host parties ... it might have something to do with the food and beverages. :)
The poufs were the best-ever-purchase-from-Target. I wish I had 10 more. The ginger jar lamps don't match ... I just couldn't pick which pattern I liked more, so one of each came to live with us.
Wait ... I'm not suppose to hang my fine china on the wall??? But it's sooo pretty ...
Mamatella gifted me her silver service and I do love having it on display.
The above picture was a flea market steal ... I still can't believe the price tag. The flamingos are another story: it was an auction rookie mistake but I am thrilled they are mine. :)
Stewart is at his seat at the table. Perfectly position between our seats just in case something were to fly off the table. The table is from my paternal granddad and the cane chairs from my maternal grandad.
The story: I had never bid at a silent auction before, so I penciled in the highest bid I would EVER pay for these pink ladies. And then no else bid ... fail, but still happy they live with ME!!!
Below is a picture of my great, great, great, great, great grandmother. I don't know how I was so lucky to get this painting, but its one of my most favorite possessions. 
Our goal for this room was high and low. It's our dining room and kitchen table, so it needed to go up for up occasions and down for the everyday. It's also a main walkway, so functionality was key. Won't you come over soon for dindin!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. My Mom has a picture of my Great, Great Grandfather who was a doctor in the Civil War in her house. Prized posession for sure. The Arkansas Museum of History wants it. Love your decor.

  2. Your home is very nice and cozy. Thanks for doing a home tour, I enjoyed each post!

  3. Love the home tour! I just received my mother's silver service as a wedding gift (my last name is becoming the initial on the set) and I can't wait to display it. :)

  4. wow I love all the old family touches! so gorgeous!


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