Home Tour: The Kitchen

Our home has a galley kitchen and I really LOVE this space.
 It's tight and tidy, holding just want we need.
 The rooster lamp stays on 99% of the time.
We always have a full fruit/bowl and to balance it out: 
the cake stand with something yummy.
 It's hard to keep things off the counters for a neat look,
but the kitchen aid mixer is a must (it's TOO heavy) as are the 
containers with flour, sugar, and oatmeal ... and dog treats for Stew.
 I feel like we are turning into my parents more and more each day.
Exhibit 1: his and hers coffee machines ... like why can't we agree on our coffee!?!
I love having a clutter-filed fun fridge. 
From postcards to invites to pictures, it makes me happy!!!


  1. Cute kitchen, and I have to giggle because for about 6 months, we had a his & hers coffee maker situation going on, too! Ian loved his traditional maker, I am a Keurig gal. He eventually gave in (muahahahaha) and we are Keurig folks now. It took a while, though!

  2. I have a galley kitchen too, and I love it! The best to cook in, for sure!


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