The Iron Lady

I'm behind.
Behind on blogging ...
Behind on my honey do list ...
Behind on must-read books ...
And very behind on must-see movies.
The Iron Lady is no exception. 
I watched it last night with my husband and in-laws. I just loooved it. I'm completely guilty of snoozing during borrrring movies and this one had zero zzzzs about it. Here are a few of my favorite movie quotes: 
"Don't follow the crowd. Make your own way."
"I don't intend to die washing a teacup."
"A person's life has to mean something."
"Never compromise."
"Economics is just like managing your household."
My favorite: "The pearls are nonnegotiable."
Dish: did you see it and enjoy!?! What else is a must-see ... I'll add it to my list!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. We watched three quarters of it last night with our daughter. She had to get up early this morning, so we're watching the rest tonight. It was so very interesting! Your favorite quotes are some of mine, too : )

  2. I want to watch that movie now! I love the movie quotes you shared!

  3. I watched this movie on my flight back from Germany! It was great!!!!!

  4. No worries girl! Glad your back and can't wait to watch this!

  5. ah it's on my list! need to watch!

  6. Girl you are correct...the pearls are non negotiable!! Thanks for your sweet message!


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