Oh Shift!!! Re-Start Your Hard Drive Shoppers ...

For a BIG sale, it's usually "start your engine shoppers" but after the Lilly-fied internet crash, it's now "re-start your hard drive shoppers"!!! How cute is the Pink Palace for telling us to refresh, refresh, refresh. Did they mean our browser or cocktails!?! Either way, I'm in. And, I must say: it was worth the wait.

The sale was UN-believable!!! I thought it crashed because surely the prices were too low. Well, it was just all of us over-excited-Lilly-lovers. Admit it: you were part of the crash too!!! And dish: did you score BIG time!?! It's not too late: sale ends Saturday. Happy sale-ing!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I picked up some goodies that were at unbelievable prices! May even go back for more! My fourth order! Just can't get enough! What all did you get??

  2. Yes I was part of the crash- I scored gold wedges, a belt, a Cassie and a Somerset. I am thinking pretty seriously about going back for a Treena. Such good deals!

  3. I probably went overboard but I love all of the nautical summer prints!

  4. ^^agree with kate. i got so many good things at such great prices.


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