Wear Lilly ... to WORK!!!

 Fellow blogger and friend, Queen Bee Swain, recently shared this article with me: Lilly Pulitzer at the Law Firm. Personally, I think wearing Lilly every day in some way is just more fun. Even to work at a law firm.
My firm is a tad more casual, but I think even a stuffy law firm could handle a punch of color. 
Below is an average what-I-wear-to-work. I live in dresses, blazers, heels, and BIG jewels:
 Lilly Pulitzer Shift :: J.Crew Jacket :: Lilly Pulitzer Clogs :: Loren Hope Necklace/Bracelet
 Lilly Pulitzer Dress :: J.Crew Trench :: Loren Hope Necklace :: Lilly Pulitzer Pumps
 Lilly Pulitzer Shift :: J.Crew Jacket :: Lilly Pulitzer Pumps :: Loren Hope Necklace/Bracelet
 Lilly Pulitzer Shift :: J.Crew Jacket :: Lilly Pulitzer Pumps :: Noble House Designs Necklace
Lilly Pulitzer Shift :: GAP Jacket :: Lilly Pulitzer Pumps/Necklace :: Hoops
I like the how the Careerist pointed out a scarf or a blouse or belt or purse might be just the punch you are looking for. On days I'm in court, you can't catch me in a Lilly shift ... or can you!?! If you can't tell, why should I!?! Wearing Lilly well to work just makes life more colorful!!!
Dish: what are your favorite colorful work outfits!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I LOVE that you wear Lilly to work!! I do too :) I would love to see your OOTTDs!!

  2. I am OBSESSED with the pink shift!! All these outfits are fantastic!

  3. I love wearing Lilly to work! If the dress is not too short and you throw on a blazer, you're good to go!

  4. Love this! Who doesn't love some color at work?

  5. I did one of these posts last year (http://glitterista.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-to-wear-lilly-to-work.html) and I am so so glad I have an office that I can wear Lilly shifts most days. In fact, today I'm wearing a Derby Patch shift and wedges. ;)


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