Totally Swept Away

I have recently been cheating on my regulars: RedBox, Blockbuster, and iTunes. I am having a love affair with HBO To Go. I have watched documentaries, shows, and movies that I wouldn't normally pick. One of those:
Swept Away. I almost stopped watching it five minutes in because the cursing is near unbearable and Madonna's character is 100% insufferable. Yet, I was totally sucked in, swept away, and unable to stop. The movie is shot somewhere between the Italy and Greek coastlines. The scenery alone is absolutely breathtaking and worth the watch. Madonna is my new thinspiration: her 40-something-bod is sick. Half of the movie is in subtitles and the other half English. The storeline totally stole my ♥!!! And so, Swept Away swept me away. Xoxo-BLC

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