Step It Up This School Year

It's back-to-school-time for many!!! I am thrilled to not be heading back to law school, but I still think of each new school year as a fresh start. Back-to-school also means back-to-school-shopping!!! My shopping list usually included a new book bag, shoes, school supplies, and the perfect first-day outfit. And, unfortunately, lots of books. Ha! I thought this was the norm until a family friend told me otherwise. Many children cannot afford back-to-school shopping let alone a proper pair of shoes. Those children attend school in mismatching shoes, ill-fitting shoes, or, worse, no shoes at all. That's why my family friend founded Steppin High in 2008. 
 Steppin High is a non-profit, volunteer run charity that provides children in need with a new pair of shoes and socks. Since 2008, Steppin High put 1444 pairs of shoes and 2888 pairs of socks on York County, South Carolina children. Isn't that amazing!?! Such a small gift that makes such a BIG difference. Payless Shoes joined Steppin High to make a new pair of shoes and socks about $20.00 per child. Isn't that great!?! This year my back-to-school shopping list will only be a donation to Steppin High. Will you join me and add a donation to Steppin High to your back-to-school shopping list too!?! Cheers to stepping it up and starting school on the right foot!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Do you live in the greater Charlotte area!?! If so, I encourage you to volunteer your time to Steppin High. Seeing first hand the joy a child experiences when receiving a new pair of shoes must be something else. :)
PSS: Do you have this same need in your area!?! If so, I encourage you to contact Steppin High about starting a similar non-profit charity in your area.

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  1. Gah this just KILLS me. My husband is a teacher (as well as his sister and her husband). I had to take him a pair of his lightly worn shoes to the school the other day so he could give them to a kid who needed shoes. Even more surprisingly is that is at a high school! At least once a year we end up shopping for one of his students that doesn't have proper clothes. I want to help them all!


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