The Thrill of the Hunt

What a weekend!? Mamatella, my oldest sissy, and I had a girls-only-weekend (well almost ... of course our boy furbabies Jackie and Joeytella were in tow). We had the best time!!! I had so much fun that I didn't even snap one picture. Whoopsies!!! Well, not to be outdone, the boys had to play ALL weekend too. They went hunting or should I say huntin. Ale took a pile of pictures on his Blackberry and I am sooo glad he did. I always wonder what really goes on during this "hunting" trips. Here are the snaps of his recent hunting trip to Arkansas and from this weekend in Mississippi:
 I always assumed they drove their cars ... yet their transportation varies: 
teeny tiny planes, jeeps, and four wheelers. Looks like fun!!!
They hunted ducks and bunnies this weekend. I do like duck, but do not dare feed me deer or a hare.
Aren't the horsies gorgie!? Ale told me they were super friendly and reallllly 
liked their orange hunting gear. They must be Clemson fans too!!! Hehe.
Now I know why he is always hush hush about these hunting trips. I want to go!!! They look like sooo much fun on such a gorgie back drop. Minus the guns and harming animals and all that dirt part. I hardly recognized Ale's ride when he picked me up from the airport because it was completely covered in mud. Ick!!! For now, I will stick to girls-only-weekends and just "hunt" at boutiques. Xoxo-BLC

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  1. Love the horses...too special! And the snow effect is adorable. Looks like you both had great trips!


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