Vintage Lust

I am on the hunt ...
For a vintage Lilly shift!!!
Do you have one?
Make me green ...
with envy and share a hint.
Where do I start looking!?
Off to frock hunt!


  1. Hi! <3 your blog, first off!

    You can find vintage Lilly of all sorts (shifts, long dresses, button downs etc) at the Lilly Shop in Manhattan on Madison Avenue - if you call, I'm sure they will be able to tell you about their stock and send pictures! They're not as well priced as, say, an e-bay purchase, but you can be sure that the quality will be consistent - in my opinion worth paying for! Also - I stole a million from my Mama, so it might be worth double checking (my Mom didn't think I would want "old things"! Imagine!) Good luck!


  2. I have quite a few in my closet and I was looking to get rid of a few, if you send me your email I will take pictures this weekend and send to you. I have a great one that is kind of a pique or almost weave fabric, white background with a light blue and light green floral print.

  3. Ebay! Just make sure you know the exact measurements, they sizing was way different back then!

  4. Ebay and Etsy! Those are where I've found one or two!

  5. i don't own any vintage Lilly:( and will have to remedy that pronto! good luck with your search and take care.

  6. I saw one just the other day in the vintage clothing shop in my town. It wasn't my size unfortunately, but I was super excited to see it!

  7. Hi cutie pie! I only have one piece of truly vintage Lilly, it is the cutest skirt with lace down the front. I'll take a pic and email it to you! xox Found it at a consignment shop in Bethesda, MD called the Mustard Seed (Wisconsin Avenue). Hope you find one soon! Happy weekend!

  8. What a fun hunt!! Vintage stores, vintage boutiques, ebay, maybe even craigslist. You go girl!! And keep us posted as to what you find!

  9. The have a whole slew of them for sale at the Lilly Madison Ave flagship store. Otherwise you should peruse Salvation Armys in swanky towns...XXOO


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