New York Minute

If you had a New York minute today, what would you do!? I would be wearing this dress (click here) to the American Museum of Natural History's Spring Safari Gala!!! It is the party of Spring. Dining in the Hall of African Mammals coupled with cocktails and dancing in the Hall of Ocean Life, what could be better!? Oh la la! I cannot wait to hear the full report from blog-bff CJM!! New York Minute cheers to you and yours! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Don't forget to wish CJM a Happy Birthday at Murphy's (New) Law! :)
PSS: You did pay your Uncle Sam today, right!? It's Tax Day! :(


  1. Oh, absolutely! Have just recently been there, what a perfect venue it is, I am missing home for sure now!

  2. i love the idea of this ball! how wonderful!

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  3. What fun! Wish I could be there!

  4. Ughhh I am still very bitter about this...we should be there and it just won't be the same without us! Fill me in on the updates when you hear how it was!

  5. What a fun night!!! Sounds like the event of a lifetime! I'd go in a NY minute for sure.

  6. HUGE SMILE on my face! I just read this (nearly 2 weeks after the date...shame shame shame on me). You are a real treasure, a true Southern Belle, and the best blogger-BFF I could ever have dreamed up. Thank you for taking the time to make me (and so many others) feel special; I only hope it's reciprocated and that you feel the love in return. Looking forward to when we celebrate Lilly TOGETHER in KOP this summer!


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