All Wrapped Up

As we head back to reality and I wrap up my second year of law school,
I am wondering ...
Would a Murfee Scarf help me study harder, longer, better for finals? Does watching Law & Order, The Good Wife, and Legally Blonde count as studying? Yes and yessss! I might add a little old-fashioned library quality time in there too. Cheers wrapping up! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I fully support a treat to help studying! :) xx

  2. It's absolutely in order! I study better when I'm dressed up...so I think you MUST get this scarf. You know, to keep your grades up....

  3. It will help... And it's such a good idea I may have to follow suit> And watching GW, L&O and LB definitely counts... Because lord knows Bones, Glee and 24 count for me!!

  4. I think these scarfs will definitely help...I adore mine (and used the "these are great for business trips" justification).


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