Run Girl, Run!

I am so proud of my dear college chum, Maggie Mayd! MM just collided two of her favorite worlds: art and running. She painted this magnificent piece for Girls on the Run, an organization that uses running to promote self-respect and healthy lifestyles for girls. She is selling this painting and all of the proceeds go to GOTR! Many thanks MM for using your gifts for a greater good. Xoxo-BLC

PS: If you are interested in the painting and/or knowing more about GOTR, contact MM at MusgraveMaggie@yahoo.com. :)


  1. Very cool! I am a runner as well, and i love that she is doing this!

  2. How neat!!! As a fellow runner I love the idea of this charity and the look of this painting!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I volunteer for GOTR! I am running a 5k next Saturday for the event in Spartanburg!


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