Every Woman

The talented LP design director for print and pattern, Janie Schoenborn, eloquently described the ultimate Lilly Pulitzer woman: "She is confident and loves color. She is independent and loves to stand out in her Lilly. She has style and is really chic. It's the woman you want to sit next to at a dinner party." What describeds the kind of woman you want to be? Xoxo-BLC


  1. I would like someone to describe me exactly like THAT! XXOO

    ps..luv your glamorous profile pic

  2. I want to be this kind of woman: "With style and grace, kick ass and take names." At least for a while. I'm a little obsessed with the song "Fight Like A Girl" by Bomshel!

  3. Hey lady! I saw your beautiful face in the newspaper.... great pic of you two! xoxo

  4. What a wonderful post! I just love this!


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