In Good Company

This article is AGES old at this point, but I just loved it so much. It's from Health magazine. I have no idea how this magazine arrives at my house. Magazines currently freak me out: the content is not always (ironically) healthy (i.e. wanting things I don't need or making me wish I was skinner/prettier/funnier/etc.) and I feel pressure to read them in full. I don't want to overstep my carbon footprint so I also feel the need to donate them or give them to a friend ... it's just too much! Anyhoo, back to THE article. Health published this great article on friendship. I am really into friends. I adore the company I keep and it's important to me. I surround myself with amazing friends and I try to be a great friend. I wild thing is ... I have these exact friends. My childhood pal is my childhood BFF. My confidante is Stella (sorry chick - I definitely tell you everything!). My social butterflies and my shrinks are my law school best friends AND my core friend group (we hang out almost every weekend and I LOVE IT) AND my college besties. The online buddy: Beantown Prep (you could have guessed that!). I really believe you can judge a person by the company they keep. Good company broods good will, good fun, good times, good character, good choices ... I could go on and on!!! Xoxo-BLC

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