Be Still.

I mentioned recently in my "Ordinary Days" post that I am a busy body by nature. I think it can be a sin. I recently heard the business is a form of lazy. If you aren't still enough to address the issue, it is lazy to occupy your time to ignore the issue. I had never heard that and how interesting. I am trying to be more still and enjoy each moment, even the super ordinary ones. My goal this weekend: be still enough to hold Squeak as she napped.

And it happened. Isn't that just the sweetest. I really just crave these ordinary days. One of my law school BFFs stopped by ... and with petit fours!!! Squeak is still too little to FULLY appreciate and enjoy these mini cakes, but I did let her smash one and oh la la did she have the MOST fun. There was frosting everywhere and boy was it cute!!! Xoxo-BLC

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