BirTHIRTY Day!!!

It's my birthday alllll day!! I am one year older --- 30 to be exact. I can't believe it's here. WOW!!! Time flies when you're having FUN!!! My childhood birthdays were filled with family, friends, balloons, hats, pizza, cake, ice cream, games, presents, and goodie bags ... oh what fun!! Nowadays, my big girl birthdays entail ... the same essentials! Ha!! ! I really did have an ice cream party with my closets friends. Also, my family was SOOO sweet this weekend. Mamatella made me the delish cake and my in-laws, SIL, and BIL came in for the day. My sweet husband gifted me flowers and a wonderful date night. I believe everyone should get the chance once a year to close their eyes, make a wish, and eat way too much cake (I had THREE pieces: king cake, chocolate cake, and oreo cake - oink oink)!! Indulge a little today too!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I think THIRTY is big so here are thirty things I am thankful for:
1. My God 2. My husband 3. My baby girl Squeak 4. My god Stewart 5. My family 6. My friends 7. Good company, like you! 8. My church family 9. College BFFs that transport me back my early 20s 10. Our couple friends - the best! 11.  Our town 12.  Our neighborhood 13. My job  14. My husband's job 15. Balance 16. Chocolate 17. Walks with Stewart 18. Instagram 19. Daily devotions  20. Faith talks 21. The Way FM 22. TCSK - still fun as always 23. Traveling. Take me anywhere but here! :) 24. Seasons. I love summer, fall, winter, AND spring ... 25. Red wine 26. Zoo visits 27. Tennis time 28. Good causes 29. HAPPINESS!!! 30. Lilly Pulitzer. DUH!


  1. Happy Birthday! I am a Pisces as well. Good people! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you!! hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you!


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