Ta-Ta San Fran ...

It saddens me to bid San Fran farewell!!! We have had so much fun visiting our friends, touring wine country, seeing a new city, and vacationing. San Francisco was totally worth the looong flight and time change. It was fun digging out Fall/Winter clothes and packing only my favorites. The weather change was nice: from easy peasy in wine country to chilllly in the city. And it was a very nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of daily life (and a nice break from the humidity in the South). We all agree: we cannot wait to go back. Back to wine country. Back to San Fran. Back to Cali, Cali!!! Until next time, ta-ta for now. Xoxo-BLC

PS: I almost forgot (but how could I!?!): for our last night we dined at Park Tavern and oh-my-goodness was it divine. It was the group favorite. Dare I say the food was Southern inspired? It was absolutely delish. The restaurant was beyond cozy and I'd love to know their decorator. It's a new place and I definitely look forward to returning next time I am in town!!!

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  1. Loved seeing all your photos!!!!sounds like such a great trip!


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