Downward Dog

You would think with all the yoga Mamatella does, that she would be a little more flexible ...
But that just wasn't the case!!! My Aunt Steffie (our family comedian) wrote this little poem about her spill:
I once knew this chick named Maw,
Who broke a tooth, both arms, and her jaw,
It happened on a jog,
With Joeytella her dog,
It's unbelievable but I swear it's the truth!
Her get-well note went on to say, "When I fall, I roll or bounce, but you skinny chicks break! So eat up and cushion those bones. I hope you feel better soon." Don't fret Aunt Steffie, I am feeding her strictly ice cream, puree donuts, and the like!!! Say a little prayer as Mamatella has jaw surgery today. Xoxo-BLC


  1. Saying a prayer for Mamatella!!!! Thinking of you!

  2. Ouch, it still hurts when I think of both arms and her jaw being broken, I hope she is healing well Miss BLC.

    Sending you both smiles, good thoughts & continued prayers,

  3. We are praying for a quick recovery. Tripp told us that the surgery went well. Keep us posted.

  4. Is Joeytella outta the doghouse???


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