The Mane Event

As a Clemson alum, Carolina Cup is one of my BEST college memories. It was a big to do: think delish fussy drinks under a large tent parked right in front of the horse race all while wearing large rimmed, floppy hats and Lilly sundresses. It was my favorite Spring social event!!!
This year, Lilly stores all over South Carolina are celebrating with specials and, of course, a t-shirt. It's not a college social event without a t-shirt, now is it!?!? Also, Lilly Pulitzer will have their very own tent. 
Oh la la ... isn't that fun!?!?  
Events like this make me miss college (until I remember studying for Econometrics). If you go, sport your favorite Lilly, have the time of your life, and only bet on the PINK horsies!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Carolina Cup was always so fun! I went to CofC and my sorority got a bus every year. The ride up there was always half the fun!

  2. This also makes me jealous! Cup was always a blast!

  3. I am SO ready for cup this year! I can hardly stand it! xx

  4. I am also a Clemson alum! :) I was so excited to get one of these shirts. I rushed to the Pink Bee in Greenville and I was a day late. It would have been smart to pay attention to the day it ended as well as began! :) Oh Well! I used to love the cup!


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