Artworks by AK Daves

I do believe I have the most talented friends and family. My dear friend AK is no exception!!! She is a self-taught artist and rather fabulous at painting. In fact, she is sooo great, she was recently featured in the magazine In Style!!! I snatched up my copy, told the check-out girl, and even called home about it. I am just sooo proud of her and I am beyond thrilled for her success. That painting sold quick, but these are available:

Brigid's Sunset

Size: 11 x 9 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Frame: Gallery WrapBright

Acrylic painting with hot pinks, blues, and yellows

Size: 14 x 14 inches

Medium: Acrylic and Colored Pencil

Frame: Unframed

Bright Acrylic paint with colored pencil


Size 36 x 24 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Frame: Unframed

Bright colors blended together create the impression of a flower garden.


Newest Bedroom

Size 48 x 48 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Frame: Gallery Wrap

Acrylic painting with lots of texture
Newest Bedroom is AK's newbie painting. Don't you want to take it home with you??? I do!!! I could decorate an entire room around these warm, inviting colors. In Style and I agree: Artworks by AK is a must-have one-of-a-kind!!! Cheers to AK and many thanks for making my life more colorful sweet friend. Xoxo-BLC

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