Sleeping Through the Night ...

It's official, Miss Squeak found her thumb and it has been wonderful.
Her thumb trumps a pacifier and has helped with sleeping through the night!!!
 As we transitioned from an early-morning feeding to sleeping through the night,
her thumb was the perfect snack to tide her over and soothe her.
Look at the BIG smile and wild hair!!! I couldn't help snapping this picture. 
She is the BEST wake up call every morning. 
Week 9ish was our magic week of sleeping through the night.
Fingers crossed it continues!!! Xoxo-BLC

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  1. Oh lucky momma. My 10w old has done 8hours three times but isn't consistent. She doesn't care for her thumb, maybe she will soon? She's a blanket soother already but I won't let her have them at night, only for naps.


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