Back to Work

Squeak is nine weeks old (EEEK!) and I'm headed back to work. I've actually hired a sitter a few times a week to pop into the office for a few hours here and there. That has been a super duper way to ease back into the swing of things. Squeak hasn't taken a bottle from me so weening will be practically cold turkey. I wish we could keep on trucking and next time I might try a little longer. My schedule just seems too daunting right now and the one thing I've learned about nursing: it has to work well to work well. I have missed work (and normalcy) and I'm ready for the schedule it will force on us. Being home for nine week has been WONDERFUL. I have loved this sweet sweet sweet time with baby Squeak. I will forever cherish it. It is hard to go back to work and put her in the care of others. But is is also good. Good for her (socialization!) and good for me (I really love my career). Xoxo-BLC

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