The Nursery Re-Do ...

You may remember from our house tour that I painted one of the guest rooms in the most obnoxious pink and white stripes. I know this room is over the top and I still love this room to pieces.
So when we discovered our little peanut was a baby girl, we knew hands down she NEEDED this to be her nursery. Thankfully, the neutral flow fit quite well in this bold room.
Stewart obviously approves ... or not (poor fur baby!!!). The nurses in the hospital sufficiently scared me into taking off the bumper. It was so cute but not worth the risk!
The pink room always had the turquoise lamps and that was my main pop of color in the neutral nursery. I am so thrilled that the lamps transitioned so well into the nursery.
My husband deserves a gold medal - he moved this room ALL by himself the moment we returned home from the hospital. And since its a baby girl, he agreed the pillows could stay. :)
We spend a lot of time in there with feedings and snuggles before naptimes.
I do believe Squeak LOVES her room and so do I!!!


  1. Your nursery looks perfect in the pink striped room.

  2. WOW! I don't blame you and yes.. you're husband deserves a medal! I'm not sure mine would have been up for that!! haaa


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