Say It Ain't So

I have to gush about my husband: he is just the best. He is the best for MANY reasons. One teeny tiny reason: he let's me watch Bravo and doesn't even complain. And he even sometimes watches with me (and by watching I mean stays in the same room). I've recently become a HUGE fan of Pregnant in Heels. I think Rosie Pope is beyond funny and whimsical.
While watching the above-episode, my husband had a fit: we have had the exact same conversation. Him: "You talk funny and, the combo with your accent, it's hard for people to get every word." Welll ... I do have a high voice, I talk fast, and I have a Southern accent. But not squeaky high. And like keep up people. And I do live in dixie so Southern works. Well, with my line of work and to never ever hear someone say "can you repeat that!?!" I might follow the stylish Rosie all the way to speech lessons. She could teach me how to say "cheeriooo" and I for her "say it ain't so"!!! Xoxo-BLC

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  1. I love Rosie! I think she is funny and real. My brother in law's father (got that?) worked with her last year and said she is super sweet and funny in real life.


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