Orange you glad!?! I AM!!!

There are NO WORDS to express my excitement: Clemson won the ACC Championship!!!
I am beyond proud of my Tigers ... and I am BEYOND excited to go to MIAMI!!!
We tailgated with the best of 'em: it included a white table cloth, DJ, 
and tons of college chums. Oh la la was it FUN running into all those Clemson chums!!!
Isn't the sunset stunning!?! All I see is purple and orange. :)
I needed a rest-break hiking up to our seats.
I claim it was because of the "altitude" and not because I might be out of shape.
And BRRR was it chilly so high up, but just LOOK at that view of the field!!!
We couldn't stop smiling ear to ear!!! Miami here we come.
I couldn't stop giggling at all the fans throwing oranges on the field.
Fingers crossed we can win the Orange Bowl!!! 


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