Swap Soiree

My sweet friend Recipes from Newlyweds and I recently hosted a Clothing Swap Soiree. Never have I ever done one of these parties and I must say, shopping my friend's closets was BEYOND fun!!! It was the perfect way to weed out those unworn clothes and send them to a happy home. We simply must do every single season!!!
As you must know, Alabama was hit rather hard with wild storms this week. My sister-in-law and cousin-in-law both attended the University of Alabama and each summer I have clerked alongside their law students, so this hits close to home for me. As such, Anna and I asked for our attendees to dig even deeper into their closets and bring more items just to donate to those in need. All un-swapped items were also donated. I cleaned out TCSK II and she's en route to T-town. I encourage you too to donate or volunteer and, of course, PRAY for all impacted by these storms. Godspeed to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Shop the Pink Pelican in Huntsville, Alabama (online, in-store, or via tellie) and 10% of those proceeds go directly to tornado victims. :)

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