My Dream House

Sometimes Ale and I talk about our dream house. While I absolutely love love love where we live, dreaming bigger is fun too. I told him my dream house was my childhood dollhouse. He laughed and chuckled and thought I was joking. And I am so not kidding. I played for hours on end with my Playmobil dollhouse. I still want to put it on display because I just think it is so pretty. Anyhoo, Ale had never seen/heard of Playmobil. Gasp!!! So, just in case he wants to one day build me my dream house (hint hint hint), this is my dream house (formerly known as my dollhouse). The four-story, multi-room, side sunroom, back two-car garage is my picture of perfection. Isn't it lovely!?? What is your dream house!??? See, dreaming big is fun!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. 1. Post at 5:00 am? Somebody is NOT sleeping...
    2. That is a hotel, not a house!! (but I'll be your maid if I can have an upstairs room???) : )


  2. I always wanted the playmobil dollhouse, but alas never had it. I'm still a little envious now just looking at the picture. But I loved the playmobils I did have, and whenever I still them in stores now I still get a little excited inside.

  3. Love this post! It even inspired me to blog about my (most recent) dream house.

  4. I LOVED that doll house! I never got it...but, I could stare at it for hours. The toy store in our mall had it on display and I would go in every time we walked by.
    My dream house is not too big and not too small...and older house with lots of character!


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