I've got mail!

What is in my inbox??? Well, why don't you have a peek:
1: TCSK comments. I read each and every one!!! I love comments ... many thanks for reading and saying hiiii!!! And I try to respond; I am currently 1125 behind. Forgive me! 
2: Lilly Pulitzer emails!!! From the Pink Palace to the Via Shops, I love hearing the newest Lilly pink and green news. Oh and sale news is the best news!!!
3: WhoWhatWear tells me the greatest and latest fashions, straight from the runway. 
4: I am obsessed with DailyCandy. I subscribe to their Swirl, Everywhere, Deals, Travel, and Wedding editions. Just enough of a sugar fix, right!??? 
5: Shopafrolic for this shopaholic!!! The rapport between Jane and Liz is so fun to read. And, their finds are divine!!! I miss them when they "go shopping." Hehe. 
6: US Airways, my airline of choice, tempts me with travel deals. 
7: James Howell's weekly emails are so wonderful. He is my second favorite minister; my dad being my first favorite!!! 
So, what is in your inbox!??? I know you've got mail too. Cheers! Xoxo-BLC

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  1. James Howell used to be the minister at my parent's church. I loved to hear him preach. I met him when I first moved to Charlotte at church. A few days later I was subbing at Davidson Elem. school and doing the carpool. I heard someone in a car yell my name and I thought 'who on earth knows me...I have lived her about 2 weeks?' It was James. Amazing man.


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