Preppy Soprano?

I've been shot by Queen Bee Swain, Monogrammed Prep, and Manor Lane with the Preppy Mafia tag!! Many thanks for taking me out girlies!! The rules: (1) add the picture, (2) answer these questions, and (3) tag 10 more prepsters.
Who is your favorite style icon? Lilly Pulitzer
What is your favorite socialite book? Gossip Girl
Favorite theme party? Duh --- GOLF PAR-TEE!!
Go to Halloween costume? Indian Tigerlilly.
Extravagance you cannot live without? Blush and mascara!
Living persons you admire? My parents, sisters, and grandparents.
Greatest fear? Plane crash.
Trait you deplore in yourself? I sometimes interrupt others. How awful!? I'm working on it.
What talent do you covet? Singing! I cannot carry a tune.
Greatest achievement? LSAT, law school, etc.
I'm sorry to say I must shoot these 10 to play along: Life in Fun Size, Such a Loverly Life, Murphy's (New) Law, Jewish Girl in WASP's Clothing, Happy Day World, Good Gals Inc, Beantown Prepster, Summer is a Verb, and of course Muffy Martini! Preppy mafia cheers to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


  1. We share the same talent request... I can't sing to save my life. Oh well... I tagged you too.

  2. This is the second of these tags I received! Honestly, I got tripped up on the Halloween costume question cuz I don't like costumes. Maybe if I had options like Indian Tigerlilly it'd be a different story! Thank you for the tag. But, mostly for the costume idea...XXOO

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I will do this soon! Totally agreed about blush and mascara--if I had nothing else I could make it with those two pieces.


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