Go Fish

Law school papers: (n.) Icky icky icky!!!
Well, I just finished my BIG fish of a paper about wildlife conservation and international trade, only to find out ...
Paparazzi and my eldest nephew played with the fishies at the Georgia Aquarium (above) while my sissy Lala and stepmadre spent some quality time in with BIG fishes in the Everglades (below).
Looks like my whole family learned a little about wildlife conservation, whether in captivity or in the wild! Fish kisses to you and yours! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Loved the picture of the dolphin. I'm planning on featuring some sea animal conservation charities on my blog.

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  2. Gretch and hubby and kids JUST went to that aqaurium. They said it was the best EVER!!! CUTE nephew!

  3. Darling little boy. How special he can spend time with Papa. You have such a beautiful family.

  4. What a cute little guy! Glad you all got to spend some time quality time together!


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