Take Me Away ...

My favorite thing about TCSK: a history of memories. I love jumping back in time to see what we were up to, what we were interested in, and what we dreamed of. My favorite thing is traveling and it is so fun to see back in 2009, I was hoping to go to Jackson Hole, New Orleans, Chicago, and London. Since then, I've made it to New Orleans and Chicago. It's fun to strike a few off the list and add a few more, so here goes:

I want to ski in Jackson Hole, WY and return to Telluride, CO.
I want to sun bathe in Bermuda and return to Palm Beach, FL.
I want to hop the pond to the England, Italy, France, Morocco, Monaco, and return to Greece.
I want to walk down memory lane and return to my favorite spot: Lake Lure, NC.
I want to drink wine and walk the hills in Napa Valley, CA.

Traveling seems harder with a bambino. Do you buy an extra seat or hold the baby on your lap? What if the baby gets sick and you are so far from home? How do you adjust to jetleg? Do you bring a babysitter? Regardless of the questions, I am determined to make it happen. The best travel advice I've gotten from parents that make it look easy: just do it. That's all part of the fun, right!?! Cheers to dreaming of place to go and explore. Take me away ... anywhere!!! Xoxo-BLC

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