Making Work Friends ...

A little over a year ago (one year, three weeks, and one day ... but who is counting ...), I started my big girl attorney job at a new firm. I only knew one person at the firm and it wasn't one of the firms I clerked at during law school. So making new friends was important to me. My how-to:

 Then add any flavor or color of ...
 And viola:

It's the perfect pop of color, 
low calorie, 
sweet treat 
to kick start work friendships. 
And the talk is sooo much better than at the water cooler. 
But beware, when you run out ... 
it's time to restock pronto!!! 
Making new friends is fun and shouldn't be hard work ... 
work is hard enough. 


  1. So cute!! What a great idea.

  2. This is adorable! Not to mention it's the perfect accessory for any party :)


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