Fur Sure

I know fur sure that my Grams wished and wanted to attend our wedding. We kept her in our prayers and hoped she could. Unfortunately, the daunting 5 hour trip proved too difficult. So instead her sister, my Great Aunt Ma, boarded her plane from Dallas, Texas to be the stand-in-grannie. Great Aunt Ma was just a hoot and a hollar! We fur sure missed Grams and hats off to Great Aunt Ma for keeping her there in spirit. I miss you Grams --- thank you for surrounding us with your love and we hope you feel better soon! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Oh my gosh, that fur is so glamorous! Being able to wear a pretty fur stole really makes me want to have a winter wedding!

  2. You look great! Absolutely love the fur!

  3. Absolutely stunning! What a wonderful idea! I love all your wedding photos... many congratulations!


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