The Wedding Planner

Since my mom is a real life Martha Stewart, I never imagined hiring a wedding planner. However, when Apsy offered to come on board as our wedding planner, we knew we couldn't refuse! Apsy just has the best taste, I trust her completely, and ohhhh did we need her. She handled everything from flowers to decor to vendors to wedding woes. And she was an honorary bridesmaid! She is Wonder Women. Everything was just perfect because of her. Until her, we thought those wedding planners only existed in movies! Ha!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. It's always nice to have someone outside of the family to help out! Look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures!

  2. I couldn't have asked for a better bride and best friend. I love you and had a blast being your wedding planner. :)

  3. Apsy saved the day many times over!!! we woulda been sunk without her!


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