Lunch Is Maid

I am truly blessed: I have the most amazing friends a girl could wish for. As such, I wanted to honor them in a special way before our big day!
Mamatella hosted the bridesmaid luncheon at her beautiful casa on the eve of our wedding. The menu included: "The Lilly" cocktail, chicken salad, quiche, fruit, carat salad, and cranberry bread followed by cake and coffee for dessert. The cake was made by my sweet friend who just opened her cake business, Dee Cakes, and oh la la was is just delishhhh!!!
I just had the best time with all my favorite girls in one room. Many thanks to all for attending, standing by me, and being my bffs! My life is colorful because you are the company I keep. Oh, and above are the bridesmaids presents I gifted the girls. Don't you want to know what is in each!? Stay tuned until tomorrow! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Um, I would totally be satisfied receiving an empty box wrapped up like that! =) But I am curious to see what's inside!

  2. I LOVE that paper! So pretty. :)

  3. I love your wrapping paper job! It's all so pretty T wouldn't want to have to actually rip it.

  4. how I love it all and how special all of your bridesmaids must have felt!



  5. great memories!! it was fun having all you sweeties here!


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