Something ...

Borrowed: Monique Lhuillier lace bolero from Ale's sweet cousin. I felt soooo special wearing her bolero and oh la la is it just gorgie!!!
Blue: Errr, its an unmentionable. :)
Old: My grandmother's vintage fur.
New: Veil, dress, shoes, etc.
And a Penny for my Shoe: A six pence that Mamatella snagged while in England.
Did you keep with this tradition?! If so, do share!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I did! I had it taped inside my shoe! It was the same one my mom had!

  2. So fun!

    Old: a monogramed hankie I got when I was born
    New: Dress, shoes, vail, etc.
    Borrowed: Momma's pearls
    Blue: Garter

    And I had a six pence in my shoe from my grandmother!

  3. Let's see...

    Old: grandmother's diamond earrings (gift from grandfather for their 25th wedding anniversary) and my hankie (the bonnet I wore at my christening was designed to come apart and be a bride's hankie)

    New: dress, veil, shoes

    Borrowed: gold bracelet that the women in my mother's family have worn for 4 generations

    Blue: sapphires in a ring my fiance gave me

    and a sixpence for my shoe that my mom picked up in England. : )

  4. so cute!

    Old: My great-grandmother's hankerchief stuffed in my garter...

    New: my dress, veil, and yada yada

    Borrowed: My sister's bobby pin (that's a stretch... oh well).

    Blue: My shoes!

  5. Absolutely kept with this tradition!!

    Old (and Borrowed): The veil my grandmother made and worn by my Aunt and Mom
    New: Dress & Diamond Earrings from Hubby
    Blue: Also unmentionable
    Penny in my shoes was also picked up by my mom during a recent trip to England!

  6. Oh I did!
    Old: mom's veil
    New: dress & shoes
    Blue: unmentionable as well
    Borrowed: a tradition from my sweet program attendant's family, who pin this pink ribbon on the inside of their dress. no one knows why but they do it still and I borrowed the ribbon for my day as the girls wanted me in on the family tradition :)

    Sixpence was from a dear friend. I'll keep it and the veil for my daughter(s) to wear one day!

  7. I have to say that I LOVE your wedding look :)


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