Uptown Girl

As a native Charlottean, when I say "uptown" I really mean "downtown." 
I have never lived or worked uptown ...

... until now!!! I am officially an "uptown girl"!!!!
From fighting traffic jams to running in heels,
I am thoroughly enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life.
Are you an uptown girl too?


  1. Yay, I love uptown Charlotte! Hope you have a fab time!

  2. Hi honey! Loved this song since I was a wee little girl! I was an uptown girl for many, many years, and am still a traveling uptown lady! :) This post made me smile big time!!XOXO

  3. LOVE LOVE this song.....but sadly I am an UPTOWN girl living as a COUNTY girl (aka - COUNTRY girl!) haha

  4. Working uptown this summer and loving it too!!! Nothing like seeing that Charlotte skyline on the drive in!

  5. You're wearing heels now too??? Oh goodness! P.S. that pic of you and Tripp is my all-time favorite! You look GORGEOUS!

  6. Gracious girl, why have I not found you yet. Um, let's see, I was perusing your site to see what all we have in common...Lilly, of course. Also my mother went to Clemson, KKG there, one of my five sisters was a KD at Carolina (the real Carolina, that is - UNC-CH). I used to live uptown, but have since moved elsewhere, but still in Charlotte.

    Hope you're enjoying city life!

    xo, Your Newest Follower


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