Jellys + Jimmy Choo = Shoo, Shoo

Remember endless summer days, grass stained knees, catching fireflies, and wearing jellys??? 
Well, I recently slipped on this pair of jellys by Jimmy Choo ...
and I quickly returned to those endless summer days with grass stained knees from catching fireflies. I only tried the pair on for "research" because my next read is going to be "Shoo, Jimmy Choo!" by Catey Hill. The subtext is "the modern girl's guide to spending less and saving more" but I think it should be "the modern girl's guide to spending less and saving more while wearing jellys by Jimmy Choo." Don't you!? Hehe. Clearly I have not started the book yet! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Fun, fun! I need to read that book as well! I have a pair of orange Tory jellies (perfect for the last football season's rain) that I just love! xoxo

  2. I need some Jellies--I had several pair when I was little--but they were from WalMart-not Jimmy Choo! haha

  3. Be sure to tell us about the book after you read it!

  4. I'm JELLY over your JELLYS! (Ok, cheesy, but I couldn't resist!) xoxo!

  5. That book sounds incredibly interesting - I think I need to read that and shop a bit less.


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