Happy National Day of Prayer!

Happy National Day of Prayer to you and yours! What are you praying about!? This is my prayer today:
"Attempt something so impossible that if God weren't in it, 
it would be doomed to fail."
Do you keep an inspiration notebook?! I do. I use the Lilly Pulitzer mini notebook to jot down my thoughts and prayers. Most words of wisdom come from Bible Study or Sunday sermons. However, I do write down funnies too. For example:
Q: How often do you rotate your tires?
A: Every time I drive. They go round and round and round.
Tee hee. See, my notebook made a funny!!! I highly recommend an inspiration notebook. And, Lifeguard Press has some skinny ones so you don't have to break you back toting it around waiting for inspiration to strike! Cheers to leading a colorful life full of inspiration. Remember to pray today! Xoxo-BLC


  1. didn't even know there was one! thank you for the reminder!



  2. Great idea. I could use one of these. Lilly of course.

  3. Some how this holiday (?) had slipped my radar. Thanks for bringing to my attention and the inspiration notebook is a great idea!

  4. Love this post! Think I need a fun new notebook for sure!

  5. Hey there! Thanks for the follow :) I am a KD too!! (seems like a LONG time ago...) Look forward to reading more...

  6. I love that little prayer! Thanks for sharing!

  7. your blog is too cute! I love it *even though I am a gamecock* ;)

  8. I cannot believe that people were actually protesting National Prayer Day in Washington today. Yep, on Fox News. Thank goodness they keep an eye on things for us. I love your prayer and I'm certainly going to add it to my "Quotes Notes" where I write down all the inspirational sayings and slogans I come across in my reading and listening during the day. Thanks very much! My church had a special service today at noon and we had a big turnout, attesting to, you guessed it, the power of prayer. I wore a Lilly, which maybe was a little gaudy, but I felt good and I felt God. Happy Day to everyone.

  9. What a lovely notebook and for such a wonderful purpose!


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