THE Dress

I have a thing for clothes. Especially special occasion clothing. I think a dress can make an event. 
Baby Squeak's Baptism was quite an event. I have never been so excited.
I knew THE dress needed to be perfect. Baptism at our church are so sweet and gorgeous.
A sweet friend gifted us the day gown above. 
Squeak sported this en route to the church and to her brunch afterwards.
For her sweet baptism, she sported this precious gown by Embroidered Heirlooms.
I had the TOUGHEST time picking out just one. Jane was beyond helpful picking THE dress.
Picking between batiste and silk was my first battle. I finally decided on silk. It's winter! And it reminded me of my wedding dress. It's formal yet simplistic and chic. The lace just wasn't sitting right with me and this gown sold me with the PINK ribbon. And the ribbon is changeable. I was tempted to put a pink cross (or monogram!) on the front chest, but I resisted. I had Janet put a white ribbon in just in case we wanted to use this for a boy one day. THE dress fit Baby Squeak perrrrfectly and she could not have been any cuter!!! Xoxo-BLC

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