Imposs'o'lu-tions: (n.) New Year's Resolutions. Love 'em, hate 'em, and I still make 'em and, sticking with tradition, I am committing to them. I didn't feel "up to impossolutions" in 2013 ... my only goal was to have a baby. :) Drum roll ... here are my 2013 resolutions:
1. Increase my faith. I want to grow closer to God and share my faith more with others. I want to be purposeful about my faith. I also want to be a Godly example for Squeak.
2. Stop eating chocolate every single day.  I blame my 2012 impossolutions for this one. I want to kick my sugar obsession. I don't want to give up sugar ALL together, but I don't want to be a diabetic before I see my 30th birthday. I believe in a healthy balance. 
3. Say I love you more. It never goes out of style when said to the ones we love.
4. Slow down. Life has picked up it's pace quite a bit so I want to slow down, appreciate life, and really enjoy every bit of it. I want to spend as much time as possible with my husband, Squeak, and Stewart.
5. Laugh at more funnies. Bahahahaha!!! Belly laughs are good for the soul. And I'm addicted to Jimmy Fallon so this shouldn't be a problem.
6. Work hard at work and at home. I want to work efficiently, effectively, and give this year my all.
7. Have better posture. If I don't accomplish this soon, I will have to go as the Hunchback of Notre TCSK in circa 2020 for Halloween.
8. Live by example. I want to be a living example of a Godly women, confident inside and out, and living colorfully for baby Squeak.
9. Give more. More of my time, money, and energy to the things that really matter. I want to give up more of what doesn't matter (I'm looking at you RHOwhatever).
10. Travel to ... I want my husband and I to take a trip just because. :)


  1. oo number 9...I'm right there with you! those darn housewives!

  2. Love this list..definitely do-able and good for the soul!


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