A Day Well Spent

A college best friend of mine lives in Pennsylvania and we just don't see enough of each other. When she had work plans two hours away, I knew we had to take the day off and visit her. My husband said it best when I told him my plans: "That sounds like a day well spent." I couldn't agree more.
Below is a picture I snapped with I told Squeak our plans. Her expression is TOO cute!!! She is pumped. And poor Stewart. He looks as if he would say: "Wait a minute, I don't get to go!?!"
 This was my first solo-mini-road-trip with Squeak and she did great. She slept most of the way there and back. My parents were en route to visit us and we caught up with them on the interstate. A little family caravan. :) I would definitely take another girls-only-mini-vaca with Squeak and I am so glad this one was our first of many.
 Above is Stella snapping pictures of Squeak. Why didn't we get a group shot!?!
I am just terrible these days at getting pictures.
I think I earned a mom-fail. This was Miss Squeak's first visit to the mothership, i.e. a Lilly Pulitzer storefront, and she wasn't wearing a stitch of Lilly. I KNOW!!! Total mom-fail. I promise she wears her fair share of Lilly!!! :) We had so much fun spending a couple of hours with my college bess fran. We lunched, laughed, hugged, shopped, and made plans to meet up again this Spring. It was definitely a day well spent. Xoxo-BLC

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