Dates, Playdates, and Day Care BFFs

Miss Squeak has had quite the busy social life recently.
From family visiting throughout the holidays, to dates, playdates, 
birthday parties, and day care besties, she is one busy chick.
Above: first date! She must have been a bore because he slept the whole date. :)
 Next: our THIRD playdate!!!
We hosted at our house and it was loads of fun.
I always learn so much from my mom friends ... I don't know what we would do without them!
 Stewart was sooo funny. He sensed something fun was happening and was super excited. Only, he wasn't invited to our playdate (bless his heart), so I put him up and he missed all the festivities. Stewart knew something fun happened and was highly confused the rest of the day!
Lastly, above is Squeak with her day care bestie. Everyone needs a BFF to gossip with, trade secrets, and just plain girl talk. These two peanuts met before they were born and are only a week apart. I hope they always remain friends!!! Xoxo-BLC

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