Pink Out Pout on TCSK ...

From this ...
... to this ...
The Company She Keeps is participating in a PINK OUT POUT. 
I'm pouting over SOPA and PIPA. A world without TCSK ... oh how sad!!!
Read more here and tell me your thoughts. Xoxo-BLC


  1. I was reading about this this morning. I didn't realize it would impatc blogger though. Tell me more! How does this affect us?

  2. It's ridiculous to me to think that people who are older than our parents are making laws about something that they barely understand. I really hope that something happens so that it doesn't go through!!

  3. Good for you on shining a light on this, I actually thought about making the blog dark today, but did not. And not to be totally inappropriate (code for 'I am going to be inappropriate'), but can I just say how fabulous the Pink Out Pout graphic is?!

  4. Called my representative!

  5. Stupid SOPA/PIPA. Good thing the vote got delayed. The reps up here all got scared. :D

  6. An adorable way to draw attention to an important issue! I'm glad the vote got delayed but I'm not sure that legislation is really going to be an effective response.


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