Dorothy Said it BEST:

I do believe Dorothy said it best: "There is no place like our NEW home!!!" We are fiiiinally all moved in, every box unpacked, and loving our new home. Such an occasion requires an announcement, don't you agree!?! Who better than Ashley Brooke Designs!?! ABD custom designed this Wizard of Oz inspired moving announcement. Isn't it divine!?! And the envelope is even cute and sparkly. I just SWOON!!!
When we were itty bitty, my middle sissy's childhood icon was Judy Garland. As such, I idolized Judy just because my sissy did. My favorite Judy film had to be The Wizard of Oz (duhhh) but Meet Me in St. Louis was a close second. Anyhoo, I believe moving announcements should be more playful and FUN. Our first moving announcement were right after we married (click here to see). This round, I contacted Ashley Brooke Designs and she thrilled me to pieces with this whimsical moving announcement. I am certain there is no place like our new home. Come visit ... just follow the yellow brick road!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Such a fun and personal way to spread the word- Congratulations on your new home and best wishes for many happy years!

  2. I LOVE it!! You'll have to post pictures and give us a virtual tour of the new home soon!

  3. Super cute design! Have fun decorating!

  4. Love, love, LOVE it! Be sure to frame one for yourself...XXOO


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