On Jungle Time

My sissy had just visited and highly recommended Jungle Island.
Me ... visit a zoo!?! YES PULEAZE!!! I looove the zoo.
 Hiya pink ladies!!! If I lived in a tropical climate, I would want a pet flamingo.
Or a whole flock of 'em!!! Aren't they gorgie!?!
It wouldn't be a visit to the jungle without MONKEYS!!!
They were putting on quite a show; especially the orangutans with their blankets.
Look: a LIGER!!! So they dooo exist. We overheard the zookeeper saying:
this one escaped once before. YIKES!!! Visiting Jungle Island was remarkable.
You can hold parrots, play with monkeys, ride sumo sized turtles, and so much more.
Chin chin to taking a walk on the wild side!!! Xoxo-BLC

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